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Why I Coach!


Sheila Lee

Love & Light. . . let me tell you a bit about myself, I was born and raised in the metropolis of New York City. I am a Certified Thought-Awareness Coach, General Life Coach, Self-Awareness Guide Reiki Energy Worker and Essential Oil Certified Aromatherapist.  Additionally, I am a course Coach-Facilitator for The Institute for Transformational Thinking based in California.  Before embarking on this "Path of Alignment of Self", I have worked within the Civil & Criminal sectors of Law for several decades working within the corporate arena from Wall Street to Park Avenue in Manhattan, New York City.


During the early 1990s, I began an inward journey studying from various "mind-set and energetic philosophers", from "Thought-Leaders" like, Les Brown, Iyanla Vanzant, Deepak Chopra and at the Holistic Open Center in New York City. Increasing my understanding of the Mind, Body & Spirit connection. Gaining an understanding of how individuals could incorporate basic and do-able strategies to Empower, Inspire, Strengthen and Flourish-forward in their lives.

Shifting forward and letting go of things that do not serve the good for their individual life.  Learning the teachings that anything, which hinders an individual from experiencing inner joy or from having a positive focus about their life that leads to self-doubt would need to be reviewed, refocused and released out of the mind.  The aim is to first become self-aware, learn to disconnect any mental messages (which are just thoughts) and\or situations, that does not uplift you.  To disconnect and shift your thinking patterns into a new and healthy perspective.   Everything starts in the mind....  in your thinking-mind. 

"Your Thoughts Drives your Emotions. . .

and your Emotions. . . .  

Drives your Behaviors & Actions."

To live a life feeling freer and more "inspired", an individual must start with addressing their "Shadow-Self and view their un-examined thoughts that are lurking in the mind ultimately holding you back. The Shadow-Self is simply that part of you that lives in your "unconscious mind".  We all have a Shadow-Self.  It is sometimes the part of an individual that may allow fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) hold them back from pushing forward to their greatness.  You may experience it by the mental background chatter in your thoughts, filled with regret, sadness, anger, grief and which has a vibration that is not conducive to inner-growth.  This is otherwise known as lower-vibrational thought patterns.

Journey with me and together we will begin to address and reexamine which unconscious thought patters are holding you back. Let's get you empowered, re-focused and ready to shift into a HIGHER POSITIVE VIBRATION today!  










By truly examining the thoughts you hold in your mind ("Becoming Self-Aware") coupled with an
intentional desire ("Purpose & Intention"), you can create a mental rewiring in your overall "Mind-Set". 

Choose to claim personal growth as a way of life.  To begin to Think-Forward to an Exciting and Abundant Life of your choosing!

Who are you now?

  • Do you like your present life and circumstances?

  • Do you feel that a change of direction is needed in your life?

"As a Thought & Awareness Coach, I like my clients to know that a choice to go on an "inward journey of self-awareness" is key to empowering themselves to live in a state of Wholeness, Happiness and Freedom.  It is time to SHINE ... STARTING TODAY... LET'S CHAT!

I am here for you!


 Coach Sheil

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